LY Pet Winter Soft Fleece Blanket Warm Quilt Cushion Nest Bedding Pad Mat Super Water-Absorbed Towel for Dog Cat Puppy Creative Pawprint Price: £5.28£7.69 (as of 25/02/2018 23:02 PST- Details)

Large size ultra soft pet blanket/ throw. Dimension: 39″*27.6″ (100*70cm). Perfect size to fold up and use in a medium size Cat/ Dog box.
A multi-purpose blanket for your pet—- Ideal bedding for pet nest/ bed/ cage/ carriers. Also could just lay out on furniture, like chairs, couch, sofa and seat in car, or simply on the floor as a mat for your pet.
Allow you have more time to play together on the couch, bed, car seat without hassle of cleaning pet hair. Help keep dogs or cats hair off of your furniture with this blanket.

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