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For all animals the matching place to sleep & # X2713 right cushion & # X2713; can be found here for any home from a vast Collection beautifully crafted Pet Sleeper beds, cushions and blankets for your individual combinations – # X2713; not a cheap imported & # X2713; Designed and developed in Austria & # X2713; produced for the German specialist trade & # X2713;
All rugs and with faux leather cases and suitable for machine and in colour and design interchangeable thanks to special cane zipper system convenient and easy to suit your personal needs of the home and home decoration & # X2713;
Hygienic & # X2713, washable & Einfachst can be replaced) & # X2713, cushion and bed sheet is made from high quality super soft faux leather and # X2713 optional available Special Orthopaedic fillings & # X2713; Unique Designer Zip fixing system & # X2713;

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