BUMAS® the bespoke muzzle from Biothane® in Size 10 (circumference 36 cm/length 9cm)

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BUMAS MUZZLE SIZE 10: Boxer, Rottweiler – muzzle requirement, seeing the vet, poisonous bate prevention, undesired eating, hound or hunting impulses, and vacations – there are many reasons for a muzzle. Well fitted and with the correct size, a dog wears a BUMAS® like a human wears glasses. With the appealing colour combinations, your dog will still looks friendly.
HIGHEST QUALITY: best fit to the breed’s body shape and manifold adjustment possibilities make getting used to it very easy. No sharp edges, no sore-licking and no fur scratching thanks to innovative materials. A BUMAS® stays flexible even in lowest temperatures, it is comfortable to carry and also water- and tear-resistant. With the easy click-closing system, the muzzle is quickly put on and with the soft material it is also easy to store.
BIOTHANE®: a special muzzle needs special materials: BioThane. BUMAS muzzles are made from 100% BioThane straps and stainless studs. The anti-bacterial high tech material is very light, flexible, abrasion-resistant and temperature-resistant. The soft and light characteristics of the material offer a new level of comfort for your dog! The material stretches while playing and reduces the risk of injuries. BioThane is hygienic and easy to clean.

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